Trigon provides technical support services as related to the other services we provide, including GIS and CAD.  We understand the challenges associated with developing, maintaining and leveraging a GIS and provide services to our clients in areas focused on development and creation; general database services; geo-database design; data conversion and migration; data analysis; mapping services; and asset management.  Our CAD drafting services provide our clients with the support needed for all for their drawing and drafting work, including record drawings.  We also have expertise in records management and document control systems for large-scale program implementation, including development of process flows, training, and roll-out of systems.

Trigon provides a wide range of engineering and professional services to support construction contractors and projects. Examples of our services include traffic control plans, excavation/trench safety plans, bypass pumping plans, dewatering plans, project management, scheduling and controls, engineering and design, construction document preparation and submittal management, quality assurance services, GIS services and workflow planning, permitting, regulatory/owner reporting and record/as-built drawing preparation.