Dura Park
  • ClientUSAID/West Bank & Gaza
  • LocationWest Bank, Palestine

Key Services:

  • Site Inspection & Assessments
  • Improvement Plans & Recommendations
  • Preparation of Construction Contract Documents
  • Cost Estimating
  • Bid/Award Phase Services
  • Construction Phase Services

Trigon was requested to develop a conceptual design for a park near the town of Dura. Dura is located in a mountainous area in the south of the West Bank within the Hebron Governorate, 6 km west of Hebron City. Dura depends on Hebron City for many of its needs, but it also represents a hub that provides services for a number of surrounding villages. The Dura Joint Council serves as a governing body for the area and is responsible for, among other things, providing social infrastructure services, such as community and women centers, social and sports clubs. Dura and the surrounding villages do not currently have any public parks and lack external public spaces. As such, citizens have minimal opportunities to socialize and spend recreational time.

Trigon developed a conceptual vision for a park based on the needs of the community that was created to fit the area, shape and slope of several proposed sites. The park is divided into four (4) green areas by organic-shaped pedestrian paths and trees. These areas could be easily utilized for different social groups for various activities. They can also be used for normal every-day picnics and social occasions. The paths that separate these areas connect at a hard landscaped central area of the park. This hard-landscaped area is designed on multiple levels that respond to the hilly topography of the area. The multiple levels also provide separate areas for activities. Located at the center is a water feature that attracts attention, contributes to an appealing environment and forms the heart of the park. Around the center lie open and semi-closed seating areas for people to socialize.

Adjacent to the seating areas is a multiuse playground, which can be utilized as a basketball, volleyball or a tennis court. This area can be easily supervised by adults using the seating areas. A track is proposed to be located all around the park, which will provide people with the option to walk or jog and practice healthy habits. A special area is designated as a kids play yard, with swings, slides and other kid-friendly recreational toys. This area is also proposed to be close to the central seating, hard-landscaped area, for adults to be able to supervise their children easily, while spending quality time together.

The design takes into consideration disabled accessibility needs. Safe pedestrian access and adequate motor-vehicle parking are also addressed.

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